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Trading in Timeshares creating perfect forever holiday!


How does Timeshare work?

Timeshare is an investment in your future holidays! By buying timeshare, you are investing in your future holidays at today’s prices.

Timesharing is the modern way to own and enjoy your own luxury accommodation without the cost and inconvenience of maintaining it yourself.

In addition, the timeshare system is convenient and flexible. You are able rent out your week(s), sell, exchange and/or bequeath them to your future generations.

Knowing your holiday requirements helps us to find you a perfect timeshare fit.

Our brokers take the time to analyse your needs with you to carefully select your best holiday investment options.

Maintenance Levy

  • You found your holiday investment – paid your purchase price, and now the ongoing cost will be your annual levy, which will be invoiced to you as the owner.
  • The levy is an important aspect as it covers the maintenance and refurbishment costs. These costs help to maintain the high quality standard you would expect of your resort.

Buy Timeshare

Advantages of timeshare:

  • Holiday for life without mounting accommodation costs
  • Worldwide holidays at any time of the year
  • With i-exchange or the RCI exchange system you can holiday anywhere in South Africa (130 resorts) and World Wide (4000 resorts) 
  • Self-catering, family holidays suitable for all lifestyles
  • Most cost-effective holiday method
  • You can rent it out to generate passive income
  • You can gift it to family or friends 
  • You can bequeath it to your heirs
  • You can sell whenever you want

    Sell Your Timeshare?

    Need to sell your timeshare? We can help! We sell on your behalf.
    Please Note: We do not sell any points.

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